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About Us

  • 2040Freelancers is a platform that connects writers with students from developed countries to do their homeworks, assignments, researches, reports and projects for pay. We don't allow plagiarism in our bids. You can google the content but translate it in your own words.

  • We have a comprehensive only online writing training program for everyone who has already graduated from the high school. With our program, you do not require any other course to boost your earnings. Become a part of our Team of writers and help our clients with different types of academic writing for pay

  • At 2040Freelancers, we offer free virtual training on the most lucrative courses in the 21st century that will inturn guarantee a consistent income per month. We categorize these courses in terms of beginners level, intermediate level, elite level,master class, self improvement courses and business courses

Questions in mind

  • FAQ 1

    How Much Can I Earn as a Beginner?

    As a beginner, with basic writing and typing skills you will earn upto Ksh.20,000 per month. I would like to make it clear that we have beginners earning Ksh 100,000 on their first month. It is all about your personal growth and level of skills. You should also ask yourself, am I active in delivering my tasks? Am I hardworking?

  • FAQ 3

    How Does the Training Take Place?

    Our trainings are usually virtual via zoom app on Saturdays. Note: Training is only offered to writers with active accounts, all you have to do is write an email to us requesting for training a attaching your username and phone number and the zoom link will be sent to you

  • FAQ 4

    Why is there activation fee?

    Account activation fee was introduced as a strategy to acquire serious writers and keep off idlers since for you to withdraw any amount you must have earned something from the work you submitted.


  • User 1

    Ann Wanjiru

    "2040Freelancers is a great company with a pleasant atmosphere, flexible conditions, with a variety and a range of assignments. If you are ready to take responsibility for your work and earn big money, 2040Freelancers is the best place for you."

  • User 2

    Tom fred

    "I love the transparency and simplicity of the way 2040Freelancers work. I haven't had a single issue with anything. And I've always felt that I'm in safe hands if I ever have any issue. This is indeed the best platform to make money online as a writer."

  • User 3

    Diana Achieng'

    "I really enjoy working with 2040Freelancers, their support team is very helpful and always available. Despite working from a remote area (Bondo) I still manage to earn big from the skills i gained from the virtual trainings. 2040Freelancers is truly the place to be."

Why work with us?

2040Freelancers is one of the top most online writing companies in kenya that provides skills from beginner level to a world class writer.